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Innovative Recycling

for A Better Future

ReNue aims to improve the process of leftover paint recycling to minimize waste and environmental damage.

About Renue Recycling

ReNue is the product of a partnership between Calibre Environmental and KBL Environmental, with a goal of recycling used residential and commercial paint to renew it into fresh paint. The two companies are established entities and have a steady history of innovation and environmental stewardship.

positive environmental

impact through proper

repurposing and disposal

70% of paint is recycled for

commercial or residential


30% of remaining paint

is recycled as a feedstock in

cement manufacturing

Paint Production

Paint is used in residential and commercial applications to beautify and protect our homes and places of businesses. While the commonly used latex paint is a safe consumer product with no detrimental impact on the environment, the leftover, unused paint products can negatively affect the environment if disposed of improperly.  

Stewardship programs run by organizations such as the Alberta Recycling Management Association (ARMA) and Product Care Association collect this leftover latex paint to ensure that it is being disposed of and recycled properly. This way, their repurposing and disposal are managed in a way that doesn’t have any negative effects on the environment.


Higher Environmental Outcome

Conventionally, latex paint has always been recycled through separation by colours followed by the filtering and tinting of the product. Because this method allows the paint to be reused as fresh paint, it has typically been considered an environmentally beneficial option. However, the reuse of paint is generally only applicable to about 70% of the paint, leaving the other 30% unused and left to be disposed of as waste.

ReNue has developed a means of achieving a higher environmental outcome by recycling this remaining 30% of leftover paint. This leftover material cannot be reused as paint due to its solid or semi-solid texture, but ReNue has developed a means of recycling it to be used as a feedstock in cement manufacturing. This method not just decreases waste, but also reduces the chances of a negative impact on the environment.

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